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The Wheel of Knowledge is written by The Author of Strollercize and Moms or Three. Elizabeth will get you ready to Push a Professional Fitness using a STROLLER! 

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I will be conducting the Strollercize classes through my own business, Better Beginnings and Beyond. In addition to the fitness aspect, I will offer classes to coach moms of all stages in nutrition. The best time to make lifestyle changes is before you get pregnant. If I had known when I was pregnant what I know now, I doubt the postpartum depression I had would have been as severe. My goal is to teach women a healthy lifestyle to give their family a healthy foundation. A healthy child will grow into a healthy adult and that healthy adult will hopefully have healthy children and the health benefits will continue through generations. Better Beginnings and Beyond will also provide the village that many new moms need in the postpartum period.  Depression is a dark hole that I don’t want anyone else to have to experience. If I can make the difference even for one mom, I will count that as a win. No one fights alone, especially in motherhood.

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​My name is Emily VanOverloop and I was born and raised in West Chester, Ohio. I studied for four years at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I returned to the Cincinnati area and began my nursing career on the postpartum unit at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. I then moved to Michigan for my husband to finish grad school. There, I worked labor and delivery at Hutzel Women’s Hospital.  Once I got pregnant with my first child, we moved back to West Chester and I helped open two brand new Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) units. Last year, I left bedside nursing and started working in the OB/GYN office. I do high risk testing and get to form relationships with my patients and truly feel like I am making a difference in their pregnancy. 
I am now a busy working mom of a dramatic four year old girl and a rambunctious two year old boy.  They are the loves of my life and everything I do is to help give them the best life possible. While I am now optimistic about everything, it was a rough road getting to this mindset. Post partum depression affected me after both pregnancies, but especially after my second pregnancy. The only thing that brought me any sort of comfort was eating. I now realize that it was a coping mechanism but it only caused me to spiral even further down. I became a certified health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and learned all about nutrition for family life and for pregnancy. Pregnancy health is a passion of mine. After the nutrition education, I was on the search for the perfect fitness component to teach pregnant women and new moms. Insert Strollercize!  I actually came across Strollercize on a whim of a Google search. I had been searching for the perfect addition and I was getting more and more discouraged. When I found the Strollercize website, it felt like a sign from God! I immediately texted the number on the website and met Lizzie. She was the best guide for what I needed. Even though I’ve had no formal fitness training, Lizzie was patient with me and such a great teacher.

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Pushing F.I.T. Since 1995

Emily Vanloop

Strollercize Certified

West Chester, OH

Classes Start June 20th