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Welcome to Strollercize's Wheel of Knowledge Academy. This is Strollercize's On-Line Training Course for Moms, Trainers to become a Licensed Strollercize Instructor Partner.

If you are Interested in becoming a Strollercize® Certified Instructor, <Apply Here> and Register. See if you have what it takes to become a Strollercize® Instructor.

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Strollercize® has added a revolutionary fitness apparatus to it's programs, The RollerSizeR®. The RollerSizeR is a portable Ab and Core toning device that supports the neck and lower back in hundreds of exercises. We call it The "Muffin Melter". Weighs less than a pound and is draped over the stroller during classes ready for fitness and play! Babies love it and toddlers use it to be fit like "Mommy"! The RollerSizeR® makes exercising easier, more comfortable for new moms and "delivers" faster fun fitness results.

The "Y Stroll Fit" Club ($35.00) and get your RollerSizeR®
(Mommy Muffin Melter), Arm Toner & DVD in the mail!

Subsribe to Our  You Tube  Channel and Earn 5 Frequent Stroll Miles!
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