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Can't get to class? Try Strollercize's  Online "Personal Changer" program.  Be at home, with baby and get a workout that works with your busy new schedule. Our Instructors target tummy and thighs. But you can have them focus on what you NEED!


Comes with Exercise Band.

The Original Stroller Fitness Program Since 1995 

Wheel Food

Ten Tips To Keep a New Mom's Waistline In Check the "Strollerwize" Way!

#1  Stay away from White Food

 #2   Eat a Medium Breakfast, Large Lunch, Small Dinner

 #3  Sit Down always when you put something in your

  #4  Write down what you eat.

#5  Do NOT eat after 8:00pm!

#6  Watch out for coffee
drinks, some have calories as much as a full meal or a milkshake.

#7  Eat Protein 20 minutes before you have a glass a wine to cut down on the need for a second glass or more food.

#8  Eat Color!

 #9  Soup can fill you up. If you go to a party, have a cup of soup before you go, so you do not Pig out on Appetizers.

#10.   Do not lean over your plate. Take a bite and put your spoon or fork down between chews. Watch how they eat on Downeton Abbey for tips.



Wheel Safe

Ten Tips To Push Your Stroller Safely the "Strollerciwize" Way!

  #1  Keep Your Eye on The Road Not the cell.

  #2   Never turn your back on your stroller.

   #3 Keep blankets and toys from dangling into the wheels.

   #4 Put a protective cover under baby that can be washed if soiled. A stroller can be a germ bed.

   #5  Walk along side the stroller when crossing a street. Let the car hit you not the stroller.

   #6  Do NOT over-load the stroller!

   #7  Do not hang diaper bags on the stroller handle bar as it shortens a Mom stride and can cause the stroller to tip.

  #8. Pick a stroller that has reflectors or a brigth color

 #9  When you take your hand off the stroller, LOCK IT.

#10. Wallet underneath hidden.

​​Wheel Sex

Ten Tips To Keep Your Love Life Turning the "Strollerwize" Way!

        #1   Kiss Good Bye Always

       #2  One Hug at Least Once A Day

        #3  Get Naked Once a Week and just talk.

        #4  Have phone sex once and awhile and get it going. Makes for a nice dinner.

        #5  Workout Together and sweat together.

        #6  Shower together at least once a week

        #7 Dress it up. Show some sexiness.

       #8 Must, Must have a date night once a week.

       #9  Give each other a ten minute massage once a week.

        #10. Show love in front of baby.

This gives securitiy and love to your little one and it is good in the long run.