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RollerSizeR Fit Tool

The Original Stroller Fitness Program Since 1995 


Put The RollerSizeR Under The Back To Release Mommy Back Tension and get ready to Rock and Stroll your Mommy Muffin Away. ​Stay in this position for about 30 seconds. Relax the legs as most New Moms tighten their legs and this takes away from getting to the gut.

Cradle Crunches

After the Rocken, balance on your butt. Pulling on the RollerSizeR, do little crunches. Feel Tummy Rolls get all squished together. This also works biceps and belly! It's a Two For One! 

Rock A Bye Belly

Start on tummy. Put RollerSizeR under the knees. Now try to Rock Up. You may not make it at first as your Belly is weak. Keep trying. Once you get up, rock back again and then keep on Rocken! 

Baby Belly Blanket Time

Waist Away

On your knees (Can be done starnding up too), Grab the two balls, one in the right hand and one in the left hand. Pull theRollerSizeR taunt. Now bend at the waist and try to get the RollerSizeR perpendicular to the grass or floor. Let the head and neck go too.

This exercise stretches and targets the sides of the waist. This exercises also keeps the back healthy!

Do Ten Waist Aways and get reaady to burn your Pre-Pregnancy clothes.


Slice and Dice Tummy

RollerSizeR is placed under the buns, (Point Placement #5) Start with both legs up. Than slowly lower one leg to the ground and make sure those Abs are in tight! Now Slice and Dice up that lower tummy. Do about 10 to 20.

Row Row Row Your Belly

Put the RollerSizeR over the shoes. Grab the two balls and try to balance on your butt. Once you have your core engaged, pull on the RollerSizeR and using your legs start rowing. Really tough. But so is Motherhood.

Do about 10 or 20 this also works arms! 

Buggy Bicycle 

Put the RollerSizeR under the butt and go for a nice bike ride. There will be a space under the back that The RollerSizeR will create. Pull in on tummy to engage all the abs and Bike like you are at one of those Bike Clubs! ​Legs will get a workout too and Tummy will burn!

Wheel Whittles

Grab the wheels. Keep Shoulders on ground. Knees together twist the hips right and left while holding the tummy in tight.   This opens up the lower back and hip area making "Finding The Waistline" easier! Do 10 Wipies.

   Our Model is NYC STROLLERCIZE INSTRUCTOR PAUL SHELBY and a NYC Mom Member, Her Baby and Her Blanket!

All you need is a stroller, The RollerSizeR, Baby Blanket and of course that Baby! 

The Diaper

Put The RollerSizeR under the Butt (Posture Point #5) Cross ankles to cut off hipflexors. Now pop your butt up and off the Core Action part of The RollerSizeR. Pull in on the tummy. It will burn on the 30 rep. The fitter you are, the faster the burn. Change up the ankles to get the connection.

A Fit Mom'S Workout

Some of these exercises below  are used in our Online Trainings in The A Fit Mom's Club.  

Tummy Teeter Totter

Start sitting up. Put the RollerSizeR behind the neck. Put feet out front, relax the legs. Slow roll down, pulling belly button in. Pull on the RollerSizeR to engage the abs More. When you feel it target deep at the "Belly Button", hold it for 15 to 30 seconds. Finish it OFF with 20 little Belly Blast Pulses. 

Here is a great workout for A New Mom and a Older Mom too!  Lizzie Trindade,  founder of Strollercize® and Trainer in Strollercize's A Fit Mom's Club,  shows you how to do the exercises below in one of her You Tube Videos.  As a Mom of three she knows what the belly goes through in the "Stages" of Motherhood. 

Lock the stroller so it does not tip over! No stroller, hold onto the sofa! The stroller (Sofa) will act like a Pilates Reformer giving leverage to the core and targeting the tummy deep. The RollerSizeR Ab Toner, (Used in all Strollercize classes and The A Fit Mom's Club). No MORE PULLING ON THE NECK or STRAINING THE LOW BACK.