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Pushing Fitness With A Stroller Since 1995

Caitlin, Elliot  Mom of 2

Strollercize Certified Instructor,  C.P.R.

Employed By  Strollers In Motion 

I am a middle school teacher turned stay at home mom to two fun and crazy little girls! I've always enjoyed competitive sports and after having babies, found them hard to get back into. So, I decided I need to focus on my individual fitness- and what better way than integrating my two girls into that. I adore watching my three year old try the exercises with us in class. Finding a love with my local Strollers in Motion classes pushed me into getting certified and sharing that love with other local mommas.

Strollercize® Springfield, OH

Join The Club! Comes with One Personal 15 Minute Online Training, A Fit Mom Workout Kit (RollerSizeR and Toning Band and  Fit Tips  from our Instructors. Get fit at home and in our classes! 

Vana Beekman  Mom of 2

Strollercize Certified Instructor, A.C.E. C.P.R.

Owner Strollers In Motion 

"I have always been passionate about staying fit and healthy. After having my first baby, I felt even more like fitness and health needed to be an important part of my day. I truly believe the Strollercize class was not only a physical class- it was also a wonderful way to get to know other moms in the community. Springfield did not have a program for New Moms to work out- when I heard we were moving, I knew right away I had to become Certified and start a Strollercize class! I have a way to make fitness fun and exciting. Moms need an instructor that they can relate to, laugh with, and be comfortable around. I have no doubt I can make the course fun, exciting, while still keeping it tough.  I am a stay at home Mom and wife :)