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Get Fit A Home with your Own "Personal Changer", In Our Classes,  At Work or Wherever you have your Phone! Comes with The RollerSizeR® Waist Toner. 

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Can't get to class? Try Strollercize's  Online "Personal Changer" program.  Be at home, with baby and get a workout that works with your busy new schedule. Our Instructors target tummy and thighs. But you can have them focus on what you NEED!

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Vana Beekman  

Strollercize Certified Instructor, A.C.E. C.P.R.

Owner Strollers In Motion ​

"I have always been passionate about staying fit and healthy. After having my first baby, I felt even more like fitness and health needed to be an important part of my day. I truly believe the Strollercize class was not only a physical class- it was also a wonderful way to get to know other moms in the community. Springfield did not have a program for New Moms to work out- when I heard we were moving, I knew right away I had to become Certified and start a Strollercize class! I have a way to make fitness fun and exciting. Moms need an instructor that they can relate to, laugh with, and be comfortable around. I have no doubt I can make the course fun, exciting, while still keeping it tough.  I am a stay at home Mom and wife :)