Published 2001

Three Rivers Press

Spoke 6 is like a Ballet Class behind a strolling stroller. Strollercize was designed by a ballet dancer so of course their is a feeling of dance behind the stroller. Strollercize is a posture and leg lengthening workout for the Mom. Besides burning the Mommy Muffin, Strollercize slims the thighs and hips while pushing the pram (Stroller).

The class ends with the "Set Stretch CHILL OUT routine that eventually all the Moms learn so the class ends with little stress for the Instructor and less stress for

the busy Mom. Here the Instructor can help with Moms that are tending to baby, maybe a new comer while all the class is on automatic!

Remember it took 20 years to make a class that is smooth as


Spoke 6 Pram Pushing

Stroller Barre     MommyLong Legs    Stations  Chill Out

This is Spoke 6 of Strollercize's Wheel of Knowledge. Spoke 6 is part of the signature Strollercize Mommy Bootie Camp Certification and Licensing Course.   Spoke 6 in Mommy Bootie Camp is the last Spoke in the Mommy Bootie Camp Initial License and Certification training. It's focus is to get the Mom to love her class and want to push her way into be A Fit Mom.


Comes with Exercise Band.

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The RollerSizeR Tummy Toner

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Can't get to class? Try Strollercize's  Online "Personal Changer" program.  Be at home, with baby and get a workout that works with your busy new schedule. Our Instructors target tummy and thighs. But you can have them focus on what you NEED!