Spoke 5 Wheel Fit

Motherload              Waisters             Wee Wee Workout

Spoke 5 is all core based. From the Upper Torso to the lower Torso to the Mommy Meow Muscles! Strollercize uses The RollerSizeR throughout the entire class but in Spoke 5, it is used in the Motherload, The Waisters and The Wee Workout! Our Moms get fit fast! Wheel fast!

This is Spoke 5 of Strollercize's Wheel of Knowledge. Spoke 5 is part of the signature Strollercize Mommy Bootie Camp Certification and Licensing Course.   Spoke 5 in Mommy Bootie Camp covers when the stroller stops rolling. When a Mom needs to stop in class. When a Mom needs to stop working out because she needs to go to the bathroom or she needs to work on her "Wee Wee" muscles!


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