Published 2001

Three Rivers Press

1 800 - Y - STROLL

The Original Stroller Fitness Program Since 1995 

This is Spoke 2 of Strollercize's Wheel of Knowledge. Spoke 2 is part of the signature Strollercize Mommy Bootie Camp Course.  Mommy Bootie Camp Course includes Spoke 2, Spoke 3, Spoke 4, Spoke 5, Spoke 6 and Spoke 8. This is the original signature course written by author and creator of Strollercize, Elizabeth Trindade. Strollercize is the first fitness program that used a stroller as a fitness apparatus to help new Moms find a way to workout while being with their baby!

Spoke 2 Bosom Blues  

(Part of Strollercize Bootie Camp Course  )


Get Fit With Baby At Home on Phone!


Comes with:

The RollerSizeR Tummy Toner

"Mother-Load" Arm Toning Band

One Online Fit Training

Monthly Mom Workouts! 


Transaction Processing

Spoke 2 is all about the Mom, her life, her body and her mind. This course prepares the Instructor to understand her customer and be able to create a fitness environment that would encourage a New Mom to come to class and commit to fitness with baby and a stroller. Fun, informative and will push the student into a knowledge of Postnatal fitness. 


Can't get to class? Try Strollercize's  Online "Personal Changer" program.  Be at home, with baby and get a workout that works with your busy new schedule. Our Instructors target tummy and thighs. But you can have them focus on what you NEED!