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Spoke 1  In The Wheel of Knowledgeis YELLOW!

In this  "Spoke" Chapter Course, is for Moms that have ditched the stroller but still want to continue with their Strollercize classes even though their babies are now toddlers in preschool. It also addresses a Mom that may want to come to class without the baby, and that is OK!

Strollercize Wheel of Knowledge


The Beyond-natal Course

1 800 - Y - STROLL

Pushing Fitness With A Stroller Since 1995

Our Instructors learn how to keep the program smooth while one Mom Member is using a stroller as her piece of equipment and the other Mom is using The RollerSizeR as her piece of equipment. The RollerSizeR replaces the handle bar of the stroller.

It is seamless in it's efforts. Moms like to workout with Moms. It is a "Hood" of it's own. and now with The RollerSizeR Amazing Ab Toner, our classes have grown and Moms can get that intense Post- Natal and Beyond-Natal workout!

This course is open to any Instructor or Mom that does not want to teach a Post-Natal Class but wants to have a "Mom" based workout to add to their gym, studio or educational skills.

Strollercize turns the Wheel of Knowledge monthly each month and our Certified Instructors keep learning and sharing to improve their classes and grow their membership. If you are NOT certified as of yet you can take this course once your are registered and learn how to give a Mom fitness class that focuses on keeping Moms fit as they mature in Motherhood.  

This is a Strollericze Licensed Course

Monthly Fee $35.00

License is good for One Year. No renewal Fee.

Instructors receive Six RollerSizeRs  (Three demos and Three A Fit Mom Registrations for New Mom Members)

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