You have a great idea! Moms coming together with their babies and strollers and getting fit together while you lead the buggy brigade. You have looked at Franchising opportunities, like Stroller Strides or Baby Boot Camp. You've searched and found Strollercize which is not a franchise. Do You want to know more?

Our business model is more like Zumba or Crossfit. They license their name and give basic support to their Instructors and offer ongoing paid workshops. Most of our Instructors want a basic template to structure a great stroller fitness class and from there the Instructor can make the class unique to their Moms in their area. 

The Strollercize Wheel of Knowledge provides a solid education about stroller fitness. In the course there is a basic study of the postnatal women. We discuss safety with strollers in the class environment. We also have been doing this in the toughest and best city in our country, NYC's Central Park. We have made the mistakes for you (20 years of them!) and we have trained thousands of Moms in our NYC classes.  The Strollercize method uses a stroller. Most Instructors leave the stroller parked. We actually use it at a fitness device and we include The RollerSizeR to make the exercises done properly. The course is written by author, ballet dancer and Mom of three, Elizabeth Trindade, our Professor in the Wheel Of Knowledge! 

Are You Set?

Do you love Fitness? 

Do you love the Mom and Baby market?

Do you feel you have the Get Up and Go to run and high energy Strollercize class?

I understand that this is a License program not a Franchise, so I have some personal control to my business, yet the support from Strollercize the Licensor. 

I understand that there is a monthly support and license fee of $35.00. Which gives me use of the Mark, Web Presence, Social Media support, Newsletter updates and link to my Facebook or Website. Most important a monthly support time if I need to help with my classes.  

I understand that I will represent the Strollercize name and it's family of Strollercize Certified Instructors. 

I understand that running a business. that there is no sure chance of success and it depends on the energy and drive I put into it. 

I know, I can do this and want Mom's in my area to have the best of learned knowledge in The Wheel of Knowledge Strollercize signiture course.  

I understand that I should be C.P.R. Certified before I train Moms and Babies to be safe and professional.

I understand that it is a good idea to acquire  a fitness certification, not necessary as there is a lot of fitness knowledge in Spoke 2. But still think it's  a good idea to better my skills as a fitness Instructor and will look into a fitness ceritification.

I understand I will need liability insurance. 

I understand that I can use my License to grow my existing business and to add onto my other certifications.

I just want to get on a Roll. I am Ready and Set to Get Certified. 

Get Certified & Licensed

#1   Fill Out theInterview Form

#2  Read the F.A.Q's page.

​#3. Click on Spoke from 2 to 6 and 8 to read what you will learn in each "Spoke" chapter. Here

​#4.  Subscribe to Strollercize's NEW You Tube Channelto see a bit more what we are like.

#5. Now it is time Fill Out The Application and Register . Once that happens you will get a phone call to set up an interview time. We are looking to grow our Strollercize Brand with the best Certified Instructors. Your W.O.K Registration kit will be on it's way after you Register ($45.00).

#6 A License Agreement will be sent to you for reviewing and signing.

#7. Now it is time to purchase your Course and pick a Friday Start Date.

#8. You will be sent a Printable Study Manual with quizzes to answer and study! Once corrected

        you can print out your 300 page study manual and put it in your folder which comes in your Aplication/Registration Kit.

​#9 Exams are on the second Monday after your Friday start date. Plenty of time to study,

      especially if you are a busy Mom. 

#10. Your Picture will join our family of Licensed 

         and loyal Strollercize Instructors. We will also put you in our Private Strollercize Facebook group.

#11. Strollercize Logo will be sent so you can start making flyers.

Just a side note. Even if you do not run classes, the education is great. You can use that $35.00 fee toward becoming a better personal trainer or even train for us as a Online Personal Instructor. We push fitness for MOMS. ​​​


Comes with Exercise Band.

The Wheel Of Knowledge 2006

The Original Stroller Fitness Program Since 1995 

Video is being made to meet your Trainer, Elizabeth Trindade

Are You Ready?

The video below  is my first Introduction to The Strollercize Wheel of Knowledge. It is 2006!  Many instructors, Moms, Trainers would fly to NYC for a workshop, stay in a Motel and than have to deal with getting to Central Park and the expense of the city. Most of them had babies and what I saw was how could I make it easier for them to learn at home and come to NYC for One Day. It worked but we have now with all of social media made it so our Instructors can learn how to teach a Strollercize class at home. Save money on airfare, motel, food, time and hassle. I wanted my instructors to use that money to put toward their business. That would be about 1,200.00 to date for a one night stay in NYC. 

New Video for  Updated Wheel SOON.

Ready, Set, Certify!


Can't get to class? Try Strollercize's  Online "Personal Changer" program.  Be at home, with baby and get a workout that works with your busy new schedule. Our Instructors target tummy and thighs. But you can have them focus on what you NEED!


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"Mother-Load" Arm Toning Band

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