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Depending on where you live, weather can determine if you have your Strollercize classes outdoors or indoors. The Strollercize Grounded program the strollers are Parked and locked. The RollerSizeR is used a lot in this class for cardio, toning and the "Waister". Babies are found crawling on Mom and playing with the RollerSizeR .

Strollercize┬«  Programs

Strollercize does NOT stop pushing fitness after the stroller is "Ditched". We call the program A Fit Mom as it is for Moms that have ditched the stroller or do not want to use the stroller in class.  The A Fit Mom program uses The RollerSizeR┬« in every single exercise. It replaces the stroller. The A Fit Mom program is tough but so is Motherhood.

Mommy Bootie Camp is Strollercize's signature stroller fitness program. Strollercize  uses the stroller in most of the exercises which makes us unique to other stroller fitness programs.  The stroller is used to add resistance in the cardio section and stroller pulling work. The stroller is also used for balance in the "Pushing" sections.

The Program has changed over the years and now uses The RollerSizeR portable Ab Toner for helping Moms find their Waist-lines F.A.S.T.E.R.


Indoor or "Parked" Strollercize



Keep fit during your pregnancy the Strollercize way. Strollercize uses the stroller and it's "Babyweight" doll to help Moms get fit for delivery and beyond. Preparing to Push┬«" pre-natal exercise class is designed around the guidelines of The American College of Obstetrics and Gyneocology. Elizabeth Trindade was a Contributing Editor for Fit Pregnancy Magazine for over 10 years. Her dear friend Meg Moline was Editor and Chief of this Magazine for over 25 years and  before the two were MOMS!