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Pushing Fitness With A Stroller Since 1995

Stroll through these steps to get started with your own Personal Changer.



Every Mom and Dad is busy in this New Life! There is NO time to get a Grip on Fitness. No time to take a shower or find "Mom Time".  There is a big "Change" in the life of a New Mom when she has a baby. The "Wheel" change, begins when Parents realize

how important it is to be  A  F.I.T.  Mom. 

That is Why Strollercize's Personal Changer program is perfect for a New Mom or Dad who need a way to get fit the Strollercize way at home. Sometimes it is  hard to get to a Strollercize class (Weather, Doctor Appointments, Baby Issues) but your "Personal Changer" is there whenever you can find 15 minutes or 30 of time  in your home, stroll through the park, at the office or on vacation.  A Fit Mom makes it Fit and Babies are welcome! 

  #1 Once you register, fill out The A Fit Mom's Club form.

  #2 Wait for your package to arrive within seven days. Text us to set up

        your 15 Minute session or we will text or call you.

  #3  Exercises will be sent to you designed by your Personal  Changer that

        will be covered in your session.

  #4 That session will give you a taste  of what a Personal Changer session

        is like. After you can decide to do one, two or three sessions a week.

        These sessions are designed for you. Focus on your body needs. 

Online Personal Training For Mom

​​When "Changing", Does Not Stop at Diapers!