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"She is beautiful, dedicated, strong and has the flexibiltiy to endure the"Scenes Of Struggle" in her days  and nights. She pushes proud. She has no excuses and makes fitness a part of her family's life. "Some may see her strolling by with her chest up, letting the wind blow past her cheeks, she is smiling. Her baby is in toe watching  her dance behind her stroller. She is ready to spring into "Momaction".  She has been trained by the best, Strollercize Certified Instructors. She is  a member of a unique "Hood",  Motherhood." 

By A Fit Mom, Elizabeth Trindade

Author, Creator of Strollercize and a Beyondnatal Mom of Three Fit Kids! 

Pushing F.I.T. Since 1995

​1 800 Y STROLL

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Strollercize started organically the winter of 1990. Former ballet dancer, Elizabeth Trindade, turned personal trainer and than owner of the  premier upper east side personal training studio, Aline Fitness in NYC. This first time Mom turned a stroller into a fitness apparatus and danced her body back into shape!   It was her husband and fitness partner that called out the word, "Strollercize"  for the first time which inspired her to Trademark the word and build a fitness business based around a stroller for New Moms.  Trindade turned Central Park into Strollercize's gym and grew the company to 100 classes a month before 2001. 

Strollercize became it's own corporation in 1995 and started a licensing program in 1999. Moms would come to the Big Apple for a three day training course.  Licensing took a back burner and Strollercize® slowed down by the sudden "Change" in Lizzie's life, Divorce. Putting her family first she put her focus on keeping the family together so her children would have a balanced love for both Mom and Dad. Lizzie became A Fitter Mom as the kids went back and forth from one home to another! 

Even though Lizzie's heart was broken, this now single Mom took on the task to raise her three children in the largest city in the world, in a six floor walk-up. She learned how to Press a Stroller with a two year old up six flights! 

With that, Trindade wrote the book Strollercize®  The Workout For New Moms. It was published by Random house in 2001. She also produced a video package wrapped it up in a Diaper. Her competition,  purchased her "Diaper" and began the Franchise, Stroller Strides. At this time Strollercize had 100 classes a month in Manhattan and Trindade continued to teach and train Instructors. Trindade choose not to Franchise Strollercize as she felt after years of being a fitness instructor that Franchise was not the best way to grow the Strollercize brand.

September 11 2001 happened and with that, Trindade stopped having Instructors come to NYC for trainings. She decided to creat a online training Academy; The Wheel of Knowledge. Moms could now learn the Strollercize system in the comfort of their home with their family.  

Sick of NYC she decided to take her career in fitness to S.W. Florida to train an "Older" market. It was here The RollerSizeR was invented to help her clients find their Waistlines. The RollerSizeR was incorporated in the Strollercize program and she headed back to NYC in 2010 to implement the use the device with her Strollercize Moms in Central Park.  

She was invited to Shark Tank in 2013 with The RollerSizeR but again, life took a turn and she headed to Seattle WA, her home town to care for her Father till his passing May 2014. The RollerSizeR and Strollercize slowed in it's tracks till Trindade got back to work and updated The Wheel of Knowledge so it was more affordable, fast and easier to complete and lots of video lesson. 

Mid 2016 Strollercize launched a online one to one training programs for Mom taught by her Strollercize Certified Instructors. Her plans are to move back to the state of Florida, run Strollercize Academy and create a training studio for The RollerSizeR. 



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Strollercize® uses

The RollerSizeR Ab Toner

in all of it's classes. It is now on Amazon. The RollerSizeR  makes it easier for Moms to find their waistlines.  

Check Out The RollerSizeR® Website 




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