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Get Fit A Home with your Own "Personal Changer", In Our Classes,  At Work or Wherever you have your Phone! Comes with The RollerSizeR® Waist Toner. 

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Can't get to class? Try Strollercize's  Online "Personal Changer" program.  Be at home, with baby and get a workout that works with your busy new schedule. Our Instructors target tummy and thighs. But you can have them focus on what you NEED!

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Paul Shelby 

Text 917 777-8643  

For Info and To R.S.V.P. For Class.​​

Paul Shelby

 Strollercize Master Certified Licensed  Instructor. He is also a NYC Licensed Massage Therapists. He is trained in Pre and Postnatal Massage.  He comes to your home and has his own table! Shelby also teaches  and is Kettle Bell Certified,
ACE Certified, C.P.R. and recently completed his Nutrition Certification with A.C.E. 

Shelby has been with Lizzie since 1995 as the two of them, love Strollercize Moms and the Mission of Strollercize. 

Classes are up and Running