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The RollerSizeR Ab Toner

in all of it's classes. It is now on Amazon. The RollerSizeR  makes it easier for Moms to find their waistlines.  

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Save The Crown! 

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​Fits Babies 3 Months to 3 years

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"She is beautiful, dedicated, strong and has the flexibiltiy to endure the"Scenes Of Struggle" in her days  and nights. She pushes proud. She has no excuses and makes fitness a part of her family's life. "Some may see her strolling by with her chest up, letting the wind blow past her cheeks, she is smiling. Her baby is in toe watching  her dance behind her stroller. She is ready to spring into "Momaction".  She has been trained by the best, Strollercize Certified Instructors. She is  a member of a unique "Hood",  Motherhood." 

By A Fit Mom, Elizabeth Trindade

Author, Creator of Strollercize and a Beyondnatal Mom of Three Fit Kids! 

Pushing F.I.T. Since 1995

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Here are the steps to become a Licensed and Certified Strollercize Instructor.

Fill out the Interview Form.

​Purchase Registration and wait for Kit to arrive within the week. 

Review Agreement and Sign.

Purchase Initial Course and any other courses.

Pick a Monday that works for you. 

Below are the most common questions asked when a possible new student is inquiring about Strollercize Certifications and RollerSizeR Certifications. If you have more questions, write them in below!




#1  So you can help Moms get fit for Motherhood!

#2 To be part of the fitness world!

#3 To add to your knowledge as a fitness


#4 To provide a specific style of training for a very special

#5 To be trained by the original creator of the first  stroller fitness program in the world!

#6 To be able to bring the RollerSizeR Ab and Core toning tool to your town!

#7 To meet the best new Strollercize Trainers in the world.

• Expensive Start Up Fee (1,000 up to 4,000)

• Follow Their Rules and Regulations

• Stiffer Monthly Fee

• Designated Territory

• Less Freedom 

• You are in a Binding Contract for more than a year!

• Red Tape That Keeps you Away from the Black. 

• Education & Course Fees (Under 1,000.)

• Do your own thing, be your own boss.

• Use of Strollercize® Trademark during Licensed Period.

• No Restricted Territory

• Promote, Support and Stay Connected

• Class Equipment for Five and Support Materials

•  NOT Obligated to renew after one year.

The Franchisors  (The Other Guys)

Strollercize License & Certification


Strollercize Wheel of Knowledge

​What does it take to be a Strollercize Instructor?

High energy. Loves fitness and the Mom Market. Go-Getter. 

Fitness biz savvy. Disciplined. Has the time to learn and to

commit to the program for one year. Wants to build a 

postnatal component to their fitness career. Represents

the Strollercize brand and wants to be a part of our growing 


Can I get Strollercize Certified Outside of the U.S.?    

Yes of course. Our entire course is Online! There is however an additional $100.00 fee for all of our out of U.S.A. country instructors. 

What do the "Spokes" mean in the Wheel Of

Knowledge Academy?  

Each Spoke represents a Classroom Lecture. You can click on each spoke to see the course detail.

How long does the Initial Mommy Bootie Camp Course take to complete?

The course is both practical and written. There are two  one hour lectures that are LIVE with Lizzie in that one week period. Check you schedule so you can make all three lectures.  The course is created for a busy Mom.  The Exam has two parts written and practical. Takes about an hour.  is 30 Minutes and is set for the following Wednesday after the lecture week. It is Live and with your other classmate and some of our Graduates. (See Club Calendar). 

What will I learn in the Initial Course? 

You will learn about Twenty Years of Strollercize Information Compiled into a entertaining learning experience by your professor, Elizabeth Trindade. Click Here to review each Spoke Lecture. Learn how to lead the best stroller fitness class with 20 years of knowledge at your fingertips.  

What Comes with the Course after graduation?

Use of the Strollercize Logo promote your Strollercize® classes!
Website Presence with Link to your Business Website or Facebook page.
Private Facebook Group for our Instructors for "Instructor Support"

Instructor Promotional Link on our Newsletter.

Monthly Instructor Support. (See Club Calendar)

Instructor Trainer Class Equipment  (Six RollerSizeRs and Six Arm Bands) ​

Strollercize Signed Book

Strollercize PDF Manual 

What is the monthly Licensing Fee? Currently $35.00.

Is there a Renewal Fee?

The license is for one year. At this point Strollercize and the Instructor review whether it is in the best interest to continue. 

Is there Support if I need help?  We give support in our online Facebook group. If you need personal support that is a small consultation fee. 

What kind of money will I make once I start up class?  That depends on your business skills and the amount of energy you put into passing out flyers, meeting people and promoting your classes via social media. If you need business help we suggest taking Spoke 8 (Buggy Biz).

Can I certify another trainer after I get certified?  Yes if you have been a licensee in good standing for one year and have registered 25 New Mom Members in the Club.  

What is a prerequisite for becoming certified?
  We would love if you had a general fitness certification, CPR Certified as it makes it easier for one to do the "Timed" course. 

Is there Marketing Materials giving to me and promotion help?  We share our flyers, postcards and the Logo. We will promote on social media and the website and in our newsletter. 

​What makes a great Strollercize Instructor?  High energy, self motivated, time organized, not afraid to promote, loves fitness, loves the Mommy market, understands commitment to training, a go getter and has a business ethic.