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Inside The Strollercize Book and Lizzie Trindade

Frank comes to Strollercize because of his love for fitness and took a Strollercize class wanted to get Certified in something different. He completed The Wheel of Knowledge late 2014 and is teaching most of the West Seattle class. 

If Frank is Not teaching, he loves to cook and works part-time in a West Seattle restaurant as a chef! His passion is running. and he is a natural! Fast and  lean and he brings his expertise to his Strollercize classes.   Frank is also a Dad and should we say Grandpa! So he gets the tough life of being a new parent! 



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The Wheel of Knowledge is written by The Author of Strollercize and Moms or Three. Elizabeth will get you ready to Push a Professional Fitness using a STROLLER! 

Pushing F.I.T. Since 1995

What is a Strollercize Mom?

"She is beautiful, dedicated, strong and has the flexibiltiy to endure the"Scenes Of Struggle" of her days  and nights. She pushes proud. She has no excuses and makes fitness a part of her family's life.

Some may see her rolling by chest up, not winded, just letting the wind blow past her face. Her baby in toe watches her dance behind her stroller. She is ready to spring into "Momaction".

She has been trained by the best, Strollercize Certified Instructors. She is  a member of the F.I.T. "Hood" of Motherhood." 

By A Fit Mom, Elizabeth Trindade

March 2001  My book was published by Random House.  Six month later, 9/11. It was not a good year to push stroller fitness but we continued to grow in Central Park through the sadness.

I remember the night of 9/11, my daughter helped me call each Mom member to send them our prayers.

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Comes with Exercise Band.