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"A FIT MOM"  Home Workout Kit!


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Strollercize Instructor Certification

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Online Training. A License & Certification Course in The Wheel Of Knowledge Academy. Become a Strollercize Licensee and help Moms get fit in your town! 

Course is taught by Author, Mom of Three former dance and Online Trainer, Elizabeth Trindade. Course is written by Elizabeth in a 100 page online training manual. Videos, live training, practical quizzes and video reviews to help educate her Licensee's.

Course now includes a business section (Spoke 8) to help our trainers make good business decisions in building their classes.

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Strollercize uses The RollerSizeR® Ab Toner in all of it's Strollercize it's classes, certifications and online personal training programs. Why? Because we can get our Mom's fit F.A.S.T.E.R. The RollerSizeR aligns the body so movements are less stressful to the joints. The RollerSizeR cradles the neck and supports the lower back making it easier  to target the core and  lose the "love" around the Waist.

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