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 ​Pushing Fitness With a Stroller Since 1995

Fast forward to twenty years ahead. Trindade has written and created the first On-line University for Instructors. She shares every detail of how she ran the first largest stroller brigade in the US. The Wheel of Knowledge tells all.  Her mistakes and all her secrets successes in  keeping  her classes growing and strolling to support three kids in NYC. 

The story of Strollercize gets better. Follow 800 Reasons Y Strollercize to keep up with Stroller Tips.

Get Fit A Home 

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The Wheel Of Knowledge  is  Strollercize's Instructor Academy for Stroller Fitness. Strollercize Licenses and Certifies Trainers in the Strollercize methodology.

 Perfect for Instructors who would like  to add Strollercize® classes to their fitness  schedule and increase their clientele.  Learn More....​​

Membership & Fit Kit

 Initial Course​​​​​​

The Strollercize® Personal Changer"program is the first on line Personal Training program for Busy New Moms, Moms To Be and Older Moms Too!

Our "Changers" are Strollercize Certified Instructors. They are ready to get you fit at home, in the Office and to compliment your Strollercize® class schedule.

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 Initial Course​​​

Strollercize Now has an On-Line Fitness Club. With Membership comes Strollercize's Fit Kit . The Fit Kit  comes with The RollerSizeR® portable Ab & Core toner, a home Fit Workout Card, Red Arm Band and one Personal Changer session. 

The V.I.P. club is for our Moms that are taking classes with our Instuctors. Get fit at home and at class.

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Prenatal    Postnatal    Beyondnatal

Very Important Pusher Club

On-Line One To One Training

The Wheel Of Knowledge Academy




The RollerSizeR® A Portable Ab & Core Toning Tool

Used in All Strollercize Classes.

Strollercize® is the original stroller fitness company started in 1995  in New York's City Central Park. Strollercize offers prenatal, postnatal classes and online certification programs for Moms and Instructors.

Y Strollercize?

Strollercize has been teaching proper pushing and good posture from the day  "Alignment" trainer Elizabeth got her first BIG Stroller. Trindade wrote the book on Stroller Fitness and how to Push Properly. The RollerSizeR was added to the Strollercize program in 2010 and it helped Strollercize Moms to get fit F.A.S.T.E.R. The RollerSizeR cradles the neck and supports the lower back making it easier to Moms and Dads to Melt their Muffins and to lose the love and get a Handle on the Waistline . stretching and of course the waist exercises. 

Moms receive The RollerSizeR® when they register with their Local Trainer  or on line

in Strollercize's  V.I.P. Club.  If there is no Strollercize class near you yet, you can still

workout at  home with the RollerSizeR and follow365 Days with The RollerSizeR.

The Wheel of Knowledge ...The Strollercize Certification Academy

All Certifcations

First 100 students

 Updates & Pushing Perks

Strollercize added a program A Fit Mom which allowed members whom had ditched their strollers yet still wanted to do the Strollercize routine. The RollerSizeR made it easier to keep the Moms in the program as it replaced the stroller! Sometimes even New Moms did not want to bring the stroller! That is OK so she would come to Mommy Bootie Camp (The Initial Program), bring her RollerSizeR and be a part of her hood.

Elizabeth Trindade, (now a Mom of three grown children) was fitness frustrated after the birth of her first child in 1990. This former ballet dancer, turned alignment trainer turned a stroller into a rolling fitness barre. The stroller became her fitness apparatus and she was able to workout while being with her baby.