We are the original stroller fitness program started in New York City in 1995. After 9/11 things changed in NYC.  We created an online training course for Instructors that is far easier to learn and not as expensive as a Franchise. Instructors who are usually Moms, need to keep their earned money and put it back into their business. Our monthly fee is only $35.00!  MORE

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Initial Strollercize® Wheel Of Knowledge Academy License/Certification Training Course

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No class in your twon yet? No time to workout or you are a working Mom? Strollercize now offers online personal training for Moms, we call it the Program Personal Changer.

15 minutes or 30 minutes a day and get fit at home with your baby!  MORE

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We are excited to offer Strollercize's new Wheel of Knowledge Instructor Training course. Fast, Fun and a simple way to make some extra money training Moms to get fit.  Join our new 2017 family of Instructors.   MORE