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Pushing Fitness With A Stroller Since 1995

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"She is beautiful, dedicated, strong and has the flexibilty to endure the "Scenes Of Struggle" of her days and nights. She pushes proud. She has no excuses and makes fitness a part of her life.

Some may see her rolling by chest up, not winded, just letting the wind blow past her face. Baby in toe watches her dance behind her stroller ready to spring into "Momaction". She  has been trained by the best, Strollercize Certified Instructors and She is  a member of the F.I.T. "Hood" of Motherhood."  By A Fit Mom, Elizabeth Trindade

What is a Strollercize Mom?

The RollerSizeR Whittles the Waist!

The RollerSizeR Aligns step training!

The RollerSizeR gets the heart pumping!

The RollerSizeR supports the neck in Crunches!

The RollerSizeR stretches the stress!

The RollerSizeR lifts the chest for a breast support!


The Wheel Academy For Stroller Fitness Education

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Y Strollercize  ?

Strollercize in the original stroller fitness program started in NYC Central Park by Elizabeth Trindade in 1995.  Former ballet dancer, personal trainer, became fitness frustrated after the birth of her first child. Trindade, starting dancing behind the stroller and turned it into a fitness apparatus.

Fast forward 20 years. Trindade who wrote the book on Strollercize, wrote The Wheel of Knowledge, Strollercize's On-Line Certification Academy. Now Moms, Gyms and Trainers can learn how to teach a Strollercize class and license the program in their area. Un-like "Copy" cats Franchises, Strollercize uses the stroller as the exercise equipment and has a set language  to help motivate Moms to get fit F.A.S.T.E.R making the program unique.


Strollercize added The RollerSizeR to Strollercize's programing in 2012 in our NYC classes to test it out! When our Moms are not using the stroller to get fit, they grab their RollerSizer®.  The RollerSizeR is used in some of the Warm Up, Cardio Stations, Pushing Stations, all of the Waisters and the entire Chill Out. After class, it is given to the babies to play.

It has helped Strollercize® Moms get fit F.A.S.T.E.R. around the middle and improve their posture for pushing the stroller. The RollerSizeR cradles the neck and supports the lower back making it easier  to target the core and  lose the "love" around the Waist. Members  receive The RollerSizeR® with all F.I.T Kit registrations.  Follow Strollercize Blog for Mom Tips.

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