See Elizabeth Trindade in Action in Central Park using the RollerSizeR to teach Waisters.


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Y Strollercize  ?

Strollercize in the original stroller fitness program started in NYC Central Park by Elizabeth Trindade in 1995.

Former ballet dancer, personal trainer, became fitness frustrated after the birth of her first child. Trindade, starting dancing behind the stroller and turned it into a fitness apparatus.

Fast forward 20 years. Trindade who wrote the book on Strollercize, wrote The Wheel of Knowledge, Strollercize's Wheel of Knowledge to stroller fitness. Now Moms, Gyms and Guys too can learn how to teach a Strollercize class and license the program in their area.

Strollercize® teaches Prenatal Classes called Preparing To Push. Postnatal Classes called Mommy Bootie Camp and Beyondnatal classes called A Fit Mom where the stroller is ditched.

STROLLERCIZE ®  &  The RollerSizeR®

 Weapon of "Waist" Destruction For New Moms! The Portable Ab Toner with Triple Fit Benefits

We added The RollerSizeR to  Strollercize's programing in 2010 in our NYC classes to test it out! Well, Moms and Babies love it. It has helped Strollercize® Moms get fit F.A.S.T.E.R. around the middle and improve their posture for pushing the stroller. The RollerSizeR cradles the neck and supports the lower back making it easier  to target the core and  lose the "love" around the Waist. Members  receive The RollerSizeR® with all F.I.T Kit registrations.  Follow Strollercize Blog for Mom Tips.

Can get to class? There is no class near you? Get the support you need (better than a bra) from a Strollercize Certified Instructor On-Line Personal "Changer" Get Fit At Home, on a stroll, at your gym with a Push from a trainer that understands your new life. Perfect for a busy Mom. 

Each Support Sessions is 15 Minutes but you can buy sessions by the block.
One Session is Included in The F.I.T. Club Registration.

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Registration comes with
The RollerSizeR Ab Toner,
One Personal Changer Session,
One Arm Toning Band and a
Waist Away Workout Card.

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The Wheel Of Knowledge  is  Strollercize's Instructor On-:ine Academy for Moms, Instructors or both!  Learn from the Original Stroller fitness company from NYC, now based in Seattle, WA.

Perfect for Instructors who would like  to add  Strollercize® classes to their fitness schedule and increase their clientele and income!

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20 Year Pushing Moms Fit With A Stroller

1 800 Y STROLL

Pre-natal   Post-natal   Beyond-natal

The RollerSizeR helps the Waist Bend!

The RollerSizeR Aligns step trainng!

The RollerSizeR get the heart pumping!

The RollerSizeR supports the neck in Crunches!

The RollerSizeR stretches!

The RollerSizeR lifts the chest for a breast lift!